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Generic SMS gateway setup

These settings can be used to integrate ClickSend into software which supports a generic SMS gateway.

Type 1 - URL containing all the fields



username: your ClickSend username from here.

key: your ClickSend API key from here.

to: the recipient number.

message: the message body. 

senderid: the from name/number (More info).

Depending on your software, this option may allow placeholders. 

For example:




Type 2 - URL and field names

Gateway URL: https://api-mapper.clicksend.com/http/v2/send.php

Username: your ClickSend username from here. Field name: 'username'.

Password: your ClickSend API key from here. Field name: 'key'.

To/Recipient: the recipient number. Field name: 'to'.

From/Sender ID: the from name/number (More info).  Field name: 'senderid'

Message body: the message body. Field name: 'message'.

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